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The Nature Class is an emerging community that focuses on guiding each adolescent to develop into their true selves, knowing their purpose and then making a positive contribution to society.

This is done through work as a whole community, where each adolescent is empowered to share their knowledge and abilities through the avenues of self-expression and work.

With two learning environments – both the school and the Haxthauser Höf – the intellectual, physical, moral, emotional and social development of each adolescent are nurtured through occupations such as fruit harvesting, events marketing and management, and guest housing.

Particularly, the Haxthauser Höf is located in the middle of the fruit and grain agricultural area of Ingelheim, accessible by car in 10 minutes or by bike in 20 minutes from the school. This picturesque environment offers our 7th - 10th grade students the opportunity to cultivate arable land, market crop yields, organize and host events and guests, as well as provide expertise about the science and history one encounters when visiting the property.

Since it is the vision of the Nature Class to host events and guests who come from different countries, the ability to fluently speak the English language is important. It is therefore appropriate that one of the main teachers is a native English speaker, who, with the other two learning guides, will work closely with the adolescents toward developing a close-knit, bilingual and economically independent adolescent community.

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